top photo is clients retention at her 4 week perfection follow up and the bottom photo is just after her perfection treatment. 

top photo is clients retention at her 4 week perfection follow up and the bottom photo is just after her perfection treatment. 

What is Microblading?

Microblading is an art in which I use a tool that looks a lot like a pen, it has no cord and is not electric. Microblading is not totally permanent like a tattoo, it is somewhat temporary lasting about a year, sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on your skin type, skin care routine and sun exposure. I use a pen like tool and on the end of it is a group of tiny little pins. I use that tool to very skillfully draw tiny little hair like lines on you, within my  brow design area, inserting special custom blended, just for you micropigment. The strokes are so tiny and look so much like hair, you typically can't tell where your hair ends and your microblading starts. There is a small amount of discomfort but I will use a numbing cream to make sure you are comfortable.

Long before I ever put a tool to that brow area, we have measured your face and created a brow design to perfectly suit you, your personality and your face shape. I say WE because although I am doing all the work, you are actively involved and have final approval before we move on to the next step. I want you to love your new brows and that happens when I listen closely and give you exactly what you want.  

Naturally almost see through brows can get a helpful nudge in the right direction with a brow tint. I include it for free in your initial service if needed.! 

Naturally almost see through brows can get a helpful nudge in the right direction with a brow tint. I include it for free in your initial service if needed.! 

Microblading Aftercare 

Taking care of your microbladed brows is going to be key to them looking good and lasting as long as possible. Here is what you can expect while healing and some things to look out for while you having microblading in place.

The first 24 Hours

Your brows will look about 30% darker than they will when you are finished with your healing process . So if you're feeling like they are a little darker than you had hoped, don't worry they will lighten a bit. You could experience some swelling and discomfort but it will be minimal.

For the day of treatment be sure to do your 4 step aftercare routine every hour. Every half hour if you came in after 5pm! After that you are only doing your routine twice a day unless you are an athlete. 

The rules

The rules are pretty simple, if you follow them while healing, you will have a great experience with maximum pigment retention. If you don't follow my rules? Well all bets are off! You could heal great, but you could also end up with an infection from not caring for your brows and OR have terrible retention. I am a stickler about the aftercare because it will make or break this process and I can tell when someone didn't follow the rules!  

1. Do your aftercare routine every hour the first day and twice a day from day 2-7. 

1.dab off ointment

2.dab to cleans, twice.

3.allow to dry

4. re apply ointment 

2.Do not get your brows wet. You can avoid water while showering, washing your hair and washing your face, it just takes a little bit of diligence. This means no pool, no sauna, no dancing in the rain. Water can ruin a great pair of healing brows, It is only 7 or so days, you can do it!

3. If your an athlete do your aftercare routine JUST before and JUST after your workouts. This means you could be doing your aftercare several times a day. 

4. No scratching! I know they get a little itchy when healing but if you pick, you will ruin your beautiful brows so stop it! 

5.Make sure you come in for your follow up appointment on time, I will charge you a no show fee and require you to reschedule if you are more than 15 minutes late without notice.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to email, call or text. 

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Pricing and Booking! 


Microblading initial treatment     $399 

Your initial treatment will take 2 hours and during that time we will talk about everything! I go through each step with you, you will not at any point feel like you don't know what is happening next because I always let you know what is coming next. We talk about your brow struggles, I do some measuring and we get on the same page about what you want as far as thickness and shape. Afterall you are my client and your happiness is my BUSINESS. Once we do some very precise measurements I custom blend your pigment to match your natural brow hair perfectly. Of course it will feel too dark when you leave but that is because you lose about 3 shades of darkness when you're all healed. If you are super worried about the darkness level I will always error on the side of caution because we can always make you a smidge darker at your perfection treatment in 4 weeks if you feel too light. I do not match pigment color to anything other than your natural brow. Why? Because if I make your pigment red and your brows grow out brown.... that will not look natural and will draw attention to your brows, and not in a good way. 

I have a fantastic topical numbing cream and if you chose to be numbed prior to treatment, it is included at no additional cost. It will take about 30 minutes at the start of your appointment and often it has worn off a bit by the time we get to the actual treatment because I have to wipe it off to do your measuring. I think your best option is to wait until i have done the "initial strokes" on each brow. that takes about 5 minutes per brow, the discomfort is very minimal and then I can apply that cream and it will make you totally numb in 60 seconds and last throughout the remaining treatment time. But in the end I just want you to feel comfortable so whatever you chose, I will make it happen.

Microblading Perfection treatment $99 

We will schedule this treatment for 4-6 weeks after your initial treatment.  This treatment will take about an hour and at this time we will address any little tweaks we want to make to your original brow design. If you had poor retention we will discuss why it might have happened and how best to approach the issue, so we have perfect retention after this treatment. During this treatment, I add in some fine detail and make sure every stroke is crisp and perfect so you can look in the mirror everyday, happy that you chose me to be your microblading artist.  

Shading treatment ($40 as an add on to any microblading treatment) $99 stand alone treatment

Shading is an optional treatment that can help add some fullness in a small area or the entire brow. It can be used to help blend thick patches of natural hair with areas that have only created hair strokes so it looks more natural or I can use it to give you a more bold look as if you have filled in your brows with powder. If you add this on to your any microblading treatment it is $40 but if you schedule a shading treatment after you have healed then you will pay $99 due to disposable products costs .

3 month refresh $150

Most people will not come in this often but a select few need a little tweak, maybe you've got very light blonde hair or were in the sun a lot over the summer. Whatever the case may be, for those few. this 3 month microblading refresh is for you!

6 month refresh $200

This is my most common refresh treatment! If you have a few little strokes that just need some attention so you can maintain that perfect brow you love so much, this one is for you! Don't wait too long though, if you hit that 7 month mark you bump to the 12 month refresh :)

12 month refresh $250

I hate that I waited a year to see you but I'm also glad your brows love you so much they looked fab this long! Come on in for your 1 year refresh, you've earned it! Don't wait too long though. You have your full 12th month to get in but if you hit 13 months you pay an additional $100 because it is likely I will need to do some remeasuring to make sure you haven't lost your shape. Either way I've got you covered :)

Beauty Add ons

Been wanting that amazing lash lift everyone talks about? add it on to your brow treatment for just $99 instead of the regular price of $125. 

You can also add on a brow tint, a lash tint or take a stroll around my website to see what microneedling and fibroblast are all about! If you have some crows feet that are making the mirror seem more like your enemy, or even if you just want to plump up your lips, fibroblast and microneedling can treat almost any area of your body from stretch marks to acne scars to just straight up wrinkles...anywhere!  Check out my treatment options under fibroblast and microneedling for more information.